PAX3 Vapourizer Review -

PAX3 Vapourizer Review

Aiden H ·

The PAX3 like all the previous models was designed with user experience put first above all things. It has a great user interface, the best battery life out of all PAX’ so far, and most importantly less waste, so you can get more out of your precious herbs.

The PAX3 itself is around 4 inches in length, with a relatively large oven capable of holding around 0.3 grams, which should get you a solid 15-25 puffs, making it extremely economical.

Its compact size makes it easy to put in your pocket or small bag, with a matte finished aluminium case it doesn’t look like a flashy vaporizer either, so you won’t be getting any weird looks from friends or colleagues.


Do you go for the complete kit or the basic kit?

The PAX3 comes in two bundles, the Basic kit which includes the PAX3, charger, flat mouthpiece, raised mouthpiece, and a cleaning kit which is all you need really unless you vape concentrates or half ovens. The PAX3 complete is great for this as it also comes with a concentrate insert, a multitool, an extra set of screens, and a half-pack oven lid.

So, unless you plan on vaping concentrates and half ovens I would opt for the Basic kit.

Its super simple to use

One of the best things about the PAX3 is its simplicity and ease of use. It has a single button on the mouthpiece that controls the entire device.

To turn it on just press the button once and then once again If you want to turn it off. If you want to change the temperature just hold the button down for a couple of seconds and the device will enter temperature control mode.

The Pax logo at the front of the device has 4 different colour LED lights that tell you a multitude of things, such as the temperature, when the device is heating up, and when it’s ready to use.

To leave temperature control mode or to check the battery life just shake the device.

Is the app good?

PAX now has a Bluetooth smartphone app that allows you to choose from many different vaping options. If you connect your iPhone or Android device to the PAX3 you will unlock a bunch of cool features such as temperature control up to the degree and fun mini games. You can also lock your Pax 3 device using the app and configure all the LED lights on your device.

Heating profiles:

The PAX app also lets you choose from four different heating profiles, being: boost, stealth, efficiency, and flavour. Boost mode sets a limit to the auto cooling feature on the PAX3, giving you longer-lasting sessions and stronger and thicker smoke. Stealth mode is great for public places as it keeps the device at lower temperatures and cools down quickly so that the vapour is lighter and a lot less. Efficiency mode automatically slowly increases the temperature over time, so it saves battery life. Flavour mode can be used for maximum flavour as it stays at low temperatures and will only heat up when you are drawing.

So, is it worth it?

Overall the PAX3 Is definitely worth it, over time it will save you herb and is easily in my opinion at least the best vaporizer option on the market at the moment.

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