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Our natural Hemp comes from the best farms and greenhouses in Europe

Over time we have developed good relationships with high quality growers of CBD Hemp flower and manufacturers of concentrates. We have high quality standards and processes when sourcing products, including ensuring growing conditions are clean and professional, testing for THC is done by a third party and remaining compliant with local laws and regulations. Our legal CBD Hemp flower is imported from Italy, Spain, Austria, and Switzerland. We take great pride and of course enjoyment in sampling all the products that are sold on BudMother.com. Our customer service team is always available on Instagram and via email. Please don't hesitate to get in touch

James, Founder and CEO

Sourced, Tested, and Tried

All natural

All of the Hemp we use is grown naturally, without nasty chemicals in the soil. We work with growers who take pride in what they do, producing high quality Hemp, naturally.

Sourced by us

Only the finest grade makes it through our rigorous testing process. Yes, we are putting in the man hours so you don't have too. sifting through suppliers buds and ensuring only the best make it through.

Tried by us

Getting to the trial phase is pretty hard. At this point were really looking at flavour, smell, and appearance. Flavour wise were looking for rich terpene profiles with a frosty and fresh appearance.

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