Contact BudMother

How to contact BudMother about an order related issue:


If you have an issue with your BudMother order:


Please email us at


Please follow these instructions when emailing


After placing your order you would have received a order confirmation containing a five digit order number sent via email or text.


You MUST provide this five digit order number in the subject line of your email.


Please clearly state the issue with your order in the first line of the email.


For example:


Subject: Order #50000


Issue: My order has not arrived within the specified shipping time.


If you have not received an order confirmation via email or text:


Please follow the same template as shown above but provide the name used to order in the subject line.


For example:


Subject: Name: John Smith


Issue: My order has not arrived within the specified shipping time.


Please follow these specific instructions when contacting us about an issue with your order or it may take longer for us to respond to your enquiry.


Please do not contact us about an existing order related issue on the chat bot. Existing order inquiries directed there will not be responded to.


Please do not contact us about the status of your delivery if it is still within the maximum timeframe specified in the shipping option chosen.


Please do not be rude or aggressive when contacting our customer service team about an order related issue. If you are rude or aggressive towards the customer service team you may be suspended from shopping with us and your inquiry will not be responded to. We thank you for your patience and understanding.


Response time: We aim to respond to all order related inquiries sent to within 48 hours. This may vary during especially busy periods such as Christmas.