About us

How was BudMother conceived you ask? get comfortable ladies and gentlemen, you are about to bare witness to a tale of epic proportions and astounding twists, the story of how the hunt for the mother bud first begun.

Just joking. We are two guys with an interest in Hemp and the Hemp industry. So we thought what better way to indulge in that interest than to start a Hemp brand.

BudMother was born, with the intention to offer the people of the United Kingdom access to high quality Hemp products that enhance their daily lives. So far we're having a ball of a time, navigating this exciting new market.
We're here for the long run, so you won't catch us cutting corners or compromising on quality. We want the BudMother brand to be synonymous with high quality, innovative Hemp products.
We thrive on feedback, so if you have any, please don't hesitate to contact us Instagram: budmotheruk

Company name: Caneaze retail technologies limited

Company number 11840304

email address: orders@budmother.com

contact telephone: +44 (0) 7851261572

Company headquarters: Zeeta House, 200 Upper Richmond Rd, London SW15 2SH