How does vaping CBD make you feel and will it get you high? -

How does vaping CBD make you feel and will it get you high?

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CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that has surged in popularity in recent years due to the many benefits it can provide users. Today we will be covering everything you would want to know if you are considering trying a CBD vape in any form.

How does CBD vape make you feel?

CBD vaping produces a wide range of effects, the primary effect reported by users is relaxation. Users with chronic pain also report a neutralization of their pain or removing the symptoms of anxiety in some users. Some of the other reported effects are a sense of calm and a reduction in negative feelings.

CBD is also a known anti-inflammatory that can reduce pain and have a relaxing the body. A reduction in the symptoms of anxiety and stress is also noticeable in by many users. A user of CBD leaf disposable vape pens which are sold at Budmother told us that she felt “a sense of relaxation and that her chronic pain was reduced immensely.

Users that choose to smoke CBD hemp flower or vape CBD experience a much more “psychoactive” effect, this is because smoking and vaping CBD takes effect much faster than other methods of CBD. A user told Budmother that “I felt a sense of bliss and complete relaxation”.

It is advisable to buy CBD products from reputable providers and websites to ensure the quality of the products you are buying. Choosing to smoke or vape CBD causes the active ingredients to reach the brain through the lungs which is the fastest delivery method of CBD. CBD oil which is placed under the tongue is considered the second fastest delivery method although it is much slower than smoking or vaping. Edibles such as CBD brownies and CBD chocolate is the slowest delivery method of CBD as it must process through the liver before reaching the bloodstream and brain.  

CBD hemp flowers are smoked by some users as well as brew it into hemp tea. CBD can be consumed in a variety of forms, such as vape juice, CBD Crumble, CBD gummies, and CBD capsules. CBD is also available in products such as lip balms and bath bombs.

CBD vape juice can be vaped in a variety of ways including in a vape mod build or in the form of a disposable vape pen. CBD vape liquid is usually made with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine.

Something to avoid is any CBD products that are made from synthetic cannabinoids. Synthetic cannabinoids are lab-created chemical compounds that affect users in the same way as THC and CBD do by binding to the same cannabinoid receptor as natural cannabinoids.

The danger arises when lab synthesized cannabinoids can be anywhere from 20-100 times more powerful than natural cannabinoids. Lab synthesized cannabinoids have been known to cause extreme episodes of extreme psychosis and even death. The most common synthesized cannabinoids are known as spice and K2 but there are hundreds of others sold across the world from market stalls to convenience stores and even on some websites.

Avoiding synthetic cannabinoids and other additives that are considered dangerous such as melatonin is important. To avoid these, it is important to buy any CBD products you are interested in from a reputable shop or website. If you are concerned about a product, you have purchased you can always get it independently tested to ensure it is safe for consumption.


Does vaping CBD get you “High”?

CBD is mostly advertised as the part of the cannabis plant that is “non-psychoactive”, however, something that is categorized as psychoactive does not necessarily mean the substance produces an intoxicating effect. The definition of a psychoactive substance means a substance that alters the user’s mental state, by this definition CBD is considered psychoactive.

Both CBD and THC the most popular cannabinoid on earth are considered psychoactive, however, CBD is not considered an intoxicant whereas THC is an intoxicant.

CBD is known to have subtle effects and does not produce a “high” like its THC cousin. The effects of CBD can be hard to notice sometimes but the most common effects reported are a reduction in inflammation and chronic pain, a decrease in insomnia, as well as mood-altering effects such as relaxation and anti-anxiety properties.

On the other hand, THC has a much more profound effect on users in the way they feel and their mental state. THC has effects ranging from euphoria and relaxation to an altered perception of space and time. It also has effects such as an increased appetite often referred to as “munchies”. THC can also produce some unwanted side effects such as paranoia and dry mouth.

So, to answer the question “does vaping CBD get you high?”, our answer would be no as it does not have the traditional intoxicating effects of a traditional THC high, although I would consider CBD psychoactive by definition as it does alter the user’s mental state.


How does CBD work?

All Mammals including Humans have receptors in the central and peripheral nervous system which is known as the endocannabinoid system. The receptors are called CB1 and CB2 bind with ligand molecules that control the release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. The endocannabinoid receptors as well ligands and specific enzymes work in tangents that affect a range of processes and functions within the body such as memory, mood, pain, and appetite.

Cannabinoids that are naturally occurring outside the body, which are known as exogenous cannabinoids such as CBD, CBD, and THC from cannabis plants bind with CB1 and CB2 receptors which produces a wide range of effects, from an increase in appetite to pain relive and antiinflammation.  

Cannabinoids like CBD and THC are considered to be safe because they do not interact with the parts of the brain that regulate vital bodily functions.


Can vaping CBD make you fail a drug test?

CBD is typically extracted from hemp flower which is then processed into a wide variety of CBD products including CBD vape, CBD oil, and CBD isolate. If you are worried about a drug test the safest option would be to purchase a full spectrum CBD product from a reputable brand. It is very unlikely that you would fail a drug test due to THC from the consumption of CBD products, although CBD products do contain trace amounts of THC so if your job is on the line, it is probably a good choice to avoid CBD products unless you are sure they contain trace amounts of CBD.

CBD products that are derived from hemp plants always contain under 0.2% THC, which is the legal limit of the amount of THC within CBD products in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Products such as hemp-derived CBD Oil & CBD vapes are highly unlikely to make your fail any conventional drug test. If the CBD vape you are buying is from a reputable company that is known for quality products, you can enjoy the products in confidence and experience the many benefits of CBD.

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