KandyPens RUBI

KandyPens RUBI
KandyPens RUBI

KandyPens RUBI


With a length of just 10 cm, the RUBI is a pocket-friendly and powerful vaporizer for e-liquids that is developed and handmade in the USA. The RUBI employs a pod-based open system; a refillable 1 ml pod allows the user to easily open and refill the pod. The pods feature a leakproof design with no spit back from the mouthpiece.

The RUBI pods feature a ceramic coil wrapped in Japanese cotton. Engineered with a heating element that is 1.6 ohm and a battery that provides 8.5 watts of power, the RUBI delivers large clouds.

The 280 mAh battery has an extremely fast recharge time of around 30 minutes that yields about 50 draws per charge. Air-activated and designed with an 8-second automatic power shutoff, the RUBI has a temperature regulated battery that maintains the ideal temperature for seamless vaporization.

KandyPens RUBI characteristics

  • Ceramic coil with Japanese cotton 
  • USB-charging
  • Refillable 1 ml pod 
  • Breath-activated 
  • 8-second automatic power shutoff 
  • Leakproof design 
  • Handmade 
  • Averages 50 draws per charge