Covid-19 effects and what we are doing?

We are open as usual

We are an commerce store so we are able to continue packing and sending out orders at the moment. Lots of our customers rely on these products for pain management and other issues.

Safety and hygiene whilst packing

We have always maintained high levels of safety and hygiene standards when packing orders so we are ensuring those standards are strictly adhered to during this time. This includes ensuring the environment and packing tables are sanitary and washing hands for at least 30 seconds with hot water, wearing protective silicone gloves and a face mask whilst handing products.

Stock levels and deliveries

some of the US and EU stock that we order in is subject to some delays. This can effect our delivery times to because we can be left waiting for stock that has been delayed.

We always keep adequate stock on hand for the most popular products.

Delivery times

Some orders have been caught up in delays in the postal system. Please understand some orders will take longer than usual at the moment due to postal delays.

Our Next day service is currently unaffected and running as normal.

Customer service

We usually aim to answer customer inquiries within 48 hours. Due to members of our customer service team working remotely and lacking access to some software our response time slower than it usually is.

a message from us

We know some customers have experienced very delayed deliveries and we are working as hard as we can to get deliveries to people. We really appreciate those who are supportive and understanding during this time. If you're order is over two weeks late please email and the customer service team will find out where it is and if necessary get another parcel sent out via next day delivery or a refund issued.