What is a weed vaporiser and where you can get one in the UK?

What is a weed vaporiser and where you can get one in the UK?

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Vaporisers for Cannabis flower and extract are enjoying a rise in popularity at the moment. With a growing number of Cannabis users looking for healthy options and more tailored smoking experiences than their usual means of consuming the plant. This has created an exciting new market for dry herb and extract vaporisers. These early adopters are becoming spoiled for choice with the new innovations on offer.


So what is a dry herb vaporiser?

A dry herb vaporiser can come in many shapes and sizes ranging from large table top devices like Storz and Bickel’s pioneering Volcano to the sleek, portable G-pen created by Grenco science and famously promoted by Snoop Dogg. A dry herb vape enables you to place your flower straight into a small oven that then heats it up and produces a vapour. The temperature of this internal oven can be controlled by the user giving them control over the size of the hit. Some of these new devices even allow users to control the temperature on their smartphone. These newer portable devices are ideal for daily users, enabling them to discreetly micro dose through out the day.


So what is an extract vape?

An extract vape is a device that allows you to vaporise extracts like Cannabis wax and oil. Some of the newer devices have a dual function and are capable of vaporising flower and extract. There is now hundreds of different devices that offer this to choose from. 


Are there any health benefits to vaping weed rather than smoking it?

In short, yes, vaping cannabis is a lot less damaging to your health than smoking it. Smoking weed produces tar and other harmful chemicals. There haven’t been too many studies into vaping cannabis over smoking it, however studies conducted on nicotine vape pens found them to be up to 95% less harmful that their combusting cousins cigarettes by top UK scientists. This finding can be applied to consuming Cannabis as well and is most likely the reason why the suggested means for taking medicinal cannabis is by vaping it.


Where can I buy a dry herb vaporiser in the UK?

There are now more and more retailer offering dry herb and extract cannabis vaporisers. The majority of these are Canadian and already have experience with the devices from their widespread use in Canada. We recommend the following websites for their range and expertise in dry herb vapes.


www.budmother.com - offers a large selection of the best Dry herb vaporisers and accessories. Stocking brands like Storz and Bickel, Flowermate and PAX. The site also has a range of CBD products and hemp flower.


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