Best CBD Flower Strains UK (Daytime Strains)

Best CBD Flower Strains UK (Daytime Strains)

Aiden H ·

2022 is shaping up to be a great year for the CBD hemp flower space. With new strains and genetics consumers are going to be able to choose from a much larger and higher quality range.

We are going to share our top 3 day time strains of the year in 2022 so far.


  1. Sour Sauce


Sour sauce is a strain that will have you questioning whether it Is really a CBD strain. With a powerful terpene profile of diesel and gasoline and deep cheese taste, this strain is a throwback to the 90s.

The strain is grown indoors in an established Swiss farm under controlled conditions. It produces big diamond shape buds that was incredibly dense and sticky. The buds are bright green with flickers of orange hairs.

Sour Sauce tends has an energetic effect and is a perfect morning strain.


  1. Therapy


Therapy is another great Swiss strain that is grown indoors in controlled conditions. Therapy has an earthy and woody terpene profile and has an amazing earthy and almost herbal taste. Therapy is very similar to a lot of classic strains such as northern lights

The strain products large buds that are dense and deceptively heavy. The buds are a dark green with a hint of orange and are trimmed to an excellent standard.

Therapy has effects such as relaxation and a focused feeling, so is a perfect day time strain.


  1. New York Diesel

New York Diesel comes straight from a brilliant grower in the US. The strain has an extremely strong diesel terpene profile and has a great subtle grapefruit flavour.

Grown in greenhouse conditions to the highest standards, the strain produces vibrant green super dense nuggets with prominent orange hairs. Then buds are sticky and produce a gasoline like oil when squeezed.

New York diesels most common effects are a feeling of being uplifted and an energy boost so is a perfect day time strain.


We are sure that many of you recognise some of the strains in this list and if you do not, we really recommend you give them all a try! The industry is constantly growing, and new strains are popping up all the time, so we will be to keep your updated on any new strains that we think will take your fancy.

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