Best Buds Large Metal Rolling Tray

Best Buds Large Metal Rolling Tray
Best Buds Large Metal Rolling Tray

Best Buds Large Metal Rolling Tray


'Dab' Best Buds large Metal rolling tray with magnetic grinder card 

There are certainly a few "must-have" accessories when you start getting serious about cannabis. From rolling papers to a nice grinder, one of the most essential is a rolling tray. While it's easy to compromise and use the nearest surface you can find to roll on, it's certainly worth investing in a tray that will help you get the most out of your herb.

These fun Best Buds rolling trays are the way to go for a low cost high quality rolling tray

Comes with a small magnetic grinder card

As every stoner knows, one of the most underrated accessories is the reliable rolling tray. For a sturdy and durable tray, look no further than the Large Rolling Tray from the team at Best Buds.

This is a tray for the true cannabis connoisseur, offering ample space on which to roll your favourite herbs. Measuring 17.5 x 27.5 x 2cm, this tray will easily fit on your lap. It has a spacious surface, as well as a lipped edge that will stop any wayward buds from falling off the side. Its flat surface makes it ideal for storage, whether that's out in the open or hidden away. It's entirely up to you.

Made to last, this heavy-duty metal tray will withstand day-to-day use and the occasional knock without so much as a scratch—perfect for those looking for a tray to use frequently.

Available in a variety of designs, each one is bound to suit your style and complement your home. While it's very easy to compromise on smoking accessories, it's certainly worth investing in some higher quality products that you'll be able to use for many years to come. The Large Rolling Tray by Best Buds is one of those products.