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CBD Flower Factsheet

Aiden H ·

What is CBD Flower?


CBD Flower is a hemp flower that contains less than 0.2% THC. In recent years CBD has grown immensely in popularity with people in search of new and exciting products containing CBD, this spurred the growth of CBD Flower.


CBD flowers come from the same plant and are the same as traditional THC flowers that recreational cannabis users use, but they have had the THC extracted to under 0.2%.


Many people use CBD Flowers in the same way that people use recreational cannabis.


List of CBD Flower terpenes


There are many different terpenes present in CBD Flower, below is a list of them including their aroma and taste profiles.


Myrcene: This terpenes aroma is what many people describe as the “skunk” smell that is associated with strong cannabis, it is a terpene that is also present in mangoes. In terms of taste for this terpene, it is very strong and may have subtle hints of mango.


Pinene: This is a terpene that is also present in pine trees and smells very much like fresh pinecones. In terms of taste, you will be glad to know it doesn’t taste of pines and is more earthy and can be pepper minty with some strains.


Limonene: This is a terpene that is also found in citrus peels, it has a sharp citrus and fruity aroma. The taste is surprisingly sweet and does not have a sour taste you would associate with many citrus fruits.


Caryophyllene: This terpene is one of the most common and has a very earthy and woody aroma, sometimes even smelling like cloves. In terms of taste, it tastes very minty and what could even be described as slightly spicey.


Linalool: This is one of the most recognised floral aromas out there, it is also present in lavender which is why it is so familiar to many of us. It has a very subtle lavender and floral taste.


Humulene: This terpene is also found in many different types of deciduous trees; it has a very woody aroma. Humulene has a very strong earthy and hops taste.


Terpinolene: This is known as the mystery terpene as it can smell like many different things. This terpene can taste fruity but could also be described as floral or herbal.


Potential benefits of CBD Flower:


There is a wide variety of potential benefits from CBD flowers. However, I stress these are potential benefits and the researchers have exaggerated some.


  1. Anti-Inflammatory: The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD is one of the most attractive reasons that people choose to use it. CBD helps with general pain management as well as pain that stems from specific illnesses such as arthritis, migraine, and fibromyalgia.


  1. Relaxing effects: Many people use CBD Flower due to its “anti-anxiety” and “de-stressing effects”. When used in the correct dosages CBD has a very relaxing effect and does not “couch-lock” you like other cannabinoids such as THC do.


  1. Reducing Acne: There have been two studies undertaken that suggest that CBD can reduce acne as well as inflammation caused by acne. One study suggested that CBD reduces acne and the inflammation it causes, similarly to the way it reduces inflammation from other illnesses. A second study showed that CBD could possibly slow the production of oily sebum which results in the growth of acne.


  1. Reducing Blood Pressure: One study undertaken had 9 patients who all had high blood pressure. The patients were given 600mg of CBD oil other a pre-set amount of time, every patient had a dramatic drop in their blood pressure which suggests that CBD may reduce blood pressure. This is just one study; however, it begins to suggest that people who suffer from high blood pressure may be able to treat it with CBD.


Is CBD Flower legal in the UK?


CBD products are legal to sell and consume in the UK. Low THC Hemp flower is legal to be sold in the UK if the amount of THC in it does not exceed 0.2% or 1 milligram in the packaged product.



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