Extract Labs Delta-8 Cartridges Review

Extract Labs Delta-8 Cartridges Review

Aiden H ·

Extract Labs Delta-8 cartridges are one of our most in-demand products and for good reason, they provide smooth and high-quality hits of Delta-8 in a multitude of great flavours.

The carts are really smooth to hit

Overall, I consider Extract Labs to have the best Delta-8 cartridges on the market at present. Having tried all flavours, they all provide a very smooth hit and the effects are not too overwhelming, although some flavours are certainly better than others. In terms of effects, the Extract Labs Delta-8 cartridges give you a very mellow Delta-8 effect which is great as it doesn’t couch lock you, you can still get on with your day.

Possibly my favourite thing about Extract Labs Delta-8 carts is how smooth every hit is, a lot of other Delta-8 cartridges I have tried are super harsh on the throat and can taste burnt after a few hits. The extract labs carts however maintain a consistent taste and are never too harsh.

Authentic lab results you can trust

Extract labs are an extremely trustful brand which is another reason why I would personally choose their Delta-8 cartridges over any other brands. They provide lab testing services and test all their own products, every batch in fact. You can find all their lab results on their website.

The best and the worst flavour

The best flavour hands down has to be apple fritter, it provides a super smooth hit of high-quality Delta-8 oil. The strain itself is a hybrid and has a subtle sweet flavour to it with earthy undertones and a great apple pastry aftertaste. The smell is also amazing with hints of green apple, lemon, and hops. The potency of Extract Labs Delta is relatively low compared to some of the other Delta-8 cartridges on the marketplace at 62% however you are guaranteed a high-quality product and the effects aren’t too overpowering.

Now when I say the “worst” flavour it doesn’t mean it tastes bad, it just means out of all the flavours extract labs have to offer this is the one I liked the least. Now I’m sure you’ve guessed I’m talking about Garlic Jam. The effects of Garlic Jam are great, it had a long-lasting calming and euphoric effect. The taste was interesting, it was very savoury, tangy, and spicy, I didn’t get much of a garlic or jam flavour though. The smell was very pleasant with tones of lemon and lavender. The Delta-8 content is just under 60%, however, for some reason, the effects lasted longer for me on this.

Oil quality compared with the potency

Extract Labs is oil is just about the highest quality you can get; it is very smooth to hit and completely free of any solvents or pesticides. The only slight downside to the Extract Labs delta-8 cartridges Is that the Delta-8 strength is a little lower than a lot of the other carts available online sitting at between 54-62% depending on which cartridge you go for. This is even considerably lower than some cartridges that contain up to 90% Delta-8 potency.

Overall Extract Labs delta-8 cartridges produce a mellow and light experience; however, the cartridges produce a smoother experience than many other cartridges on the market. The effects aren’t super potent, but they deliver a relaxing and euphoric effect.

What about the quality of the cartridges themselves?

Extract Labs use CCELL hardware which are super-efficient cartridges that deliver great smooth hits consistently. The CCELL Jupiter doesn’t ever get clogged, and you can guarantee that every hit you take will be smooth and enjoyable.


To conclude I would recommend the Extract Labs Delta-8 cartridges over another cartridge currently available, as they deliver smooth consistent hits of high quality and trustworthy oil that is free from any harmful additives.

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