The beauty of Hemp flower

The beauty of the hemp flower

Hemp is a relatively new phenomenon in the world of medicine. However, since becoming legalised to be used to treat many problems, such as anxiety, it's fast become a popular alternative for those looking for something simple to take the edge off.

But what do you actually know about the hemp flower? The team here at BudMother have compiled a top list of some of our favourite facts about this beautiful plant.

It possesses the same effects as hemp oil

This is because hemp oil and the flower come from the same plant, meaning that both parts reap the same great range of benefits. The only difference is how you ingest it. The hemp flower is typically smoked like a roll-up, whereas oil can be used in a wider variety of ways. Hemp oil can even be used for beauty and skincare, including as a hair treatment and to help the reduction of wrinkles!

Its healing properties are more ranging than you think

As we mentioned above, the main condition that people seek to aid with the use of hemp or CBD is anxiety. However, hemp flowers can treat a lot more! Just a few of the many other ailments that hemp flowers could help with include Bipolar Disorder, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, acne, inflammation, and arthritis.

It can help you quit smoking

Smoking CBD flowers poses a significantly smaller chance of leading to addiction, unlike cigarettes. So choosing to switch to smoking hemp not only weans you off nicotine, but also has little risk of you beginning a new addiction. Don't worry about missing the relaxant side effects of smoking cigarettes either - hemp flowers are known for their ability to calm users down!

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