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HHC Factsheet

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Delta-8 has seen a massive boom in popularity in the last few years, leading to a lot more unknown cannabinoids being commercially developed. One of the newest cannabinoids on the market is HHC and it has seen immense interest in 2022 so far.

What is HHC?

HHC is a cannabinoid that until recently wasn’t very popular or on the radar of cannabis users. HHC occurs naturally in the cannabis plant and is classified as a minor cannabinoid. Commercial production of HHC has only recently begun and because the cannabis plant only contains small amounts of it, it is a lot more expensive to produce than other cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids can be converted to other cannabinoids through a complicated chemical process of altering the structures within the cannabinoid molecules. Commercially produced HHC is made through Hemp-derived CBD

The science part:

HHC is said to have been originally discovered by a chemist named Roger Adams sometime in the 1940s. He first conjured HHC when he added two hydrogen atoms to a THC molecule hear by changing its chemical structure. This process is simply called hydrogenation and was first mentioned in a patent document filed in 1947.

The process of hydrogenation involves changing the chemical bonds of Delta-9 THC by replacing a double bond with two hydrogen atoms, this changes its chemical structure and makes HHC more chemically stable than Delta-9 THC.

What are the effects of HHC?

HHC produces similar effects THC when used in the correct dosage. HHC that is produced commercially in a lab has both active and inactive molecules of HHC. The active molecules of HHC bind with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain which produces the desired effects and the inactive molecules do not.

HHC has some very noticeable effects and is said to have a higher potency than Delta-8 but slightly less potency in comparison to Delta-9.

There are some minor reported side effects from HHC which are very similar to the side effects of both Delta-8 and Delta-9, namely being dry mouth, dry and red eyes, and hunger.

Is HHC legal in the UK?

At present, HHC is legal within the United Kingdom as it is derived from CBD Hemp that contains less than 0.2% Delta-9 THC.

The legal status of cannabinoids is constantly changing so we will be sure to keep this section updated if anything changes in the future.

What forms does HHC come in?

HHC comes in three main forms hash, flower, and vape carts.

HHC flower is made using CBD flower and coating it in HHC distillate and CBD pollen, this coats the flower evenly in HHC distillate.

HHC hash is made in the same way that CBD afghan has is made, however, HHC distillate is used during this process so that the hash contains a high HHC concentration.

HHC vape carts are made by mixing HHC distillate with terpenes and other cannabinoids and then filling empty vape carts with this concentrated liquid.

Where can I buy HHC in the UK?

At Budmother we are always looking for new and exciting products for our customers to try. We currently have HHC hash available that is Afghan hash derived from CBD Hemp Flower which HHC distillate added to it.

You can shop HHC hash here

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